Thursday, 17 February 2011

Backoff Camera

This is hilarious...Everyone looking even the girls, even the guys out with wifey.

Saturday, 12 February 2011



Cultural Ignorance is most obvious between races. This is because the majority of inter-race interaction is through the consumption of goods. People have lost a sense of awareness and resorted only to consume, only seek what they can reap from consumption - with little attention to the wider culture and history of the people whose product they consume.

However, this co-exists with a so-called "multi-cultural diverse community." For example, some white people percieve asians as dirty/uncivilised/terroists etc but will still eat at the Indian restaurant every week. Some asians will listen to music of black origin but have a negative perception of black people. This kind of concealed racism can shock me. I don't know how you can just take something from another community and not take the time to understand it and respect it. That's why I think of this phenomena as "cultural rape."

For example, lets take someone who listens to some Hip Hop, thinks they understand it, but really doesn't and thus spews ignorance.

If you gonna listen to Hip Hop take time to understand the context. Don't be a blind consumer. For example, recently some girl at a debate said "those hip hop artists are all materialistic." She was safe, but part of me was like do you really know what you are talking about?


She thinks that all rappers are about money, but as you will see with most of my posts - this is not true. She sounded incredibly judgemental. People who say "those hip hop artists are all materialistic" don't know what it is like to be this poor. Hear Ghostface Killah talk about his childhood...

You telling me after all that, you wouldn't go extra hard and throw 20 chains and medallions round your neck?

SideNote: You see oppressed blacks and latinos in America are in a unique position, they are at the doorstep of their oppressor, everyone else, for the most part is a lot more removed from the center of power that seeks to control them. But you can go from the poorest part of Brooklyn to Wall Street on like a 30 minute train. This is why you have that stark contrast of going straight from poverty to riches, those two world's collide in such a unique way.

See I don't judge cos I understand the context - I may not agree with all of it but I don't judge cos I understand.

You see when you take away the context, it loses all meaning.

Now to the wider see its important to know about each other's culture rather than simply reap solely for your personal gratification. Don't just listen to Hip-Hop and then complain, make sure you know what you're talking about. This judgment without understanding is the birth of ignorance.

Context is crucial to understanding.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Officer Ross

I'm not impressed by all these Rick Ross wannabes - you might have seen them on facebook or out and about. Here's the lowdown if you didn't know why not only is he a fraud but a detriment to the Hip Hop community. The following information is true.

Rick Ross is a former police officer. This is common knowledge nowadays - yet he still raps about the life of a drug kingpin. In a recent beef with 50 Cent, 50 cent exposed his college manuscript. Rick Ross majored in Criminal Justice. His real name is William Roberts, he renamed himself after the drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross and imitated the real person's image. He is currently getting sued by the original Ricky Ross for $10mn.

The biggest threat to Hip Hop is a lack of authencity. If you say something - you better be about it. Sure, 50 cent named himself after the real 50 cent "Kelvin Martin" (a robber of street hustlers - a bit like Omar in The Wire) but Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson lived the life he raps about on records. It is not fake and manufactured like Rick Ross. This is what separates Hip Hop for all other genres of music - it is real. A pop artist can sing about something they never lived but sing it anyway - because it sells. An RNB singer can sing about affairs even if he never had any because it isn't real - no-one expects it to be. But in Hip Hop, the now cliche term "Keep It Real" is at the heart of the culture - Hip Hop is about self-expression, not about rapping what sells. Rick Ross is rapping about what he knows will sell because he is trying to make money with no love for the art form i.e. there is no soul/reality in his vibe.

A lot of people say "well Rick Ross sounds good". This is a bitchmade comment. That's like saying a lie sounds good. Rick Ross is a chump, and if you listen to his music your taking a massive L. This fake music from Rick Ross to Britney Spears etc is desensitizing your soul to what is real, heartfelt music. That is why when a real artist comes around (i.e. like the 11 MCs of 2011 I will mention) its almost alien to them - originality and creativity is not highly valued in mainstream culture - and the more bullshit you consume you will be less aware of the true nature of reality, yourself and others. How you supposed to know what is real when everything in your headphones is fake?

Authenticity is the cornerstone of Hip Hop Kulture.

Life Lesson A) "Keep Squares Out Your Circle."

This is a pretty simply distinction you just got to make with everyone. Everyone wanna be your friend when its all a barrel of laughs but most of these people will be gone the moment something in your life is wrong.

Only holla at people that genuinely care about you, and who you genuinely care about.

The only time acquaintances are necessary is when it comes to things you just have to do like your job etc.

This song explains it all, Cormega is an ill MC.

I like this definition of the word Nigga - It makes more sense to me, while I don't really use the word, it really rings true to the context of situation and word.

11 MCs for 2011 #3 STALLEY

Stalley got bars, some stuff I just relate to completely;

"I pictured my life to be a lot different, much calmer - a lot less hectic,
BUT Money changed all that - and countin' all these hundreds got me saying why I came for all that, I just want a chevy and a nice flat - a quiet place I can vibe at, somewhere - when the vultures come out - I can hide at."

In a sense, that's my dream too - nice flat, mad artistic shit on the walls, maybe a cool car - away from all the stupidity and bitchassness of mainstream society. He's got a lot of strong lyrics about life and manoeuvring through the madness. Most of his songs are similar to the content below - and its very good:

Stalley is nice on the mic, I seem to be a greater supporter of simple style rap spitting these days for some reason - it seems more honest. Stalley tells it how it is.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

11 MCs for 2011 #2 Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman is the Future. He has flow and lyrics. Lyrics that make you think and question reality. Any MC that does this is noteworthy of a mention.

SKILLS > How marketable you are. For example, clearly Homeboy is a much greater MC than J Cole. But Homeboy will never get signed to a major record label because you can't market him to the mainstream. Firstly, because extremely talented people don't sell usually - its cos most people aren't smart enough to understand the lyrics or appreciate the talent. Secondly, because for an artist to sell you got to have a certain degree of manufactured image - the mainstream music industry these days work by a model that puts
Image > Music Quality.

For example Rihanna, girls want to be her and guys want to sleep with her. So she sells millions of records - how much of her talent is actually her "amazing voice"?

J. Cole is a good MC no doubt - but is bordering on mediocre and hardly says anything as thought-provoking as Homeboy. But once again guys will think he's above average on the mic, he has the whole 'image' of a college guy, girls want to sleep with him and he is someone the mainstream youth can relate too.

But if you think for yourself and don't jump on the latest hype - and genuinely look for true talent regardless of what everyone else listens will see the Genius in this MC.

Creativity and Innovation in 2010 goes...

1 Kanye
2 Kid Cudi
3 Homeboy!

11 MCs for 2011 #1 Danny Brown

Danny Brown is from Detroit - I first checked out his free album The Hybrid (was dope!) I like his introspective songs about living in the city with little hope, his self-worth and drug use (New Era, Nowhere to Go, S.O.S and Generation Rx) are amazing. He also has amazing wit that only few can truly appreciate, check this out

Yeah I know what you thinking - WTF? He is what I like to call Intelligent Ignorance. Check Danny's explanation -

"NaNa is pretty much my diss to the industry …. “These niggas eatting?” i pose that question to tell u in the next verse that im eatting pussy… “pussy” in the metaphorical sense is this soft ass industry so if u niggas aint eatting b4 u know it imma be waking up “asking ya bitch u know how to make grits” btw one of my fav joints"

He just signed to that label that released BARBARA STREISAND last year.


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