Friday, 4 March 2011

11 MCs of 2011 #5 R.E.K.S

Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme = R.E.K.S

REKS rolls with Statik Selektah, Termanology out from near Boston. He is an extremely talented emcee, rapping with the passion and reverence for the "Boom Bap" style that many in the Hip Hop community yearn for. This Boom Bap style is unfortunately a lost art amongst modern Hip Hop artists (whether underground or mainstream). It was an apporach pioneered by KRS ONE (listen to 'Sound of Police' or 'Brown Skin Woman') who epitomizes this particular style i.e. a confrontational delivery and intellectual-charged lyrics.

"I write this rhyme like GURU's in the passengers, Standing on the East Coast staring out to Africa..."

11 MCs for 2011 #4 FASHAWN

Fashawn is from Fresno CA. He's got co-signs from Dilated Peoples, the Soul Assassins and Planet Asia. He is pretty damn skillful lyrically, here is a playful song about this childhood being rough.

His style is to rap about life in the hood, in a stripped down no-nonsense nature. This is a breath of fresh air in a climate where "the hood life" and gangster lifestyle are both glamourised. No-one wants to be "in the hood" where poverty, broken families, conflicting perceptions of one's identity and opportunities for success (of any kind) are scarce. MTV and BET have been selling a warped version of the ghetto since their inception.

The song below is catchy and also motivational if you grew up in a broken family while dealing with poverty or were an outcast as a child growing up.

HNIC = Head Nigga In case you were wondering.