Monday, 30 May 2011

Females and Hip Hop

Why do most people think that Hip Hop is full of misogyny?

Most people based their perception on the art form on MTV, BET and mainstream radio stations. These organisations are not here to promote and cultivate long-term growth of the Hip Hop community or culture. They are not here to exhibit Hip Hop in a truly representative manner. MTV and BET - like most corporations - are here to exploit and rape (see my article about "Cultural Rape").

Whatever is profitable at that point in time is what these channels promote - they are here for a 'quick buck.' Thus "sex and violence" is the order of the day. The establishment will never promote something unless it fits with their long-term agenda - the enslavement and destruction of the masses.

There is a reason why the masses have never heard of many talented female MCs.

Nicki Minaj fits in the 'job description' that the establishment created. She doesn't say anything that will make you think differently about yourself or the world. She doesn't encourage you to think for yourself, value yourself or anything positive for that matter. She fits the 'job description' perfectly - sell your looks and talk about the same shit - sex, clubbing, alcohol and materialism. This serves the Establishment perfectly - the same old shit. It keeps you doing pointless (borderline self-destructive) things and constantly chasing, constantly chasing short-term wants rather than long-term needs. A symptom of this can be seen by girls putting a whole lot of effort into their looks (short-term want - attention from dudes in the club) and little into their mind (long-term need - knowledge of self, good job, stable family life).

Don't get me wrong 'sex, clubbing, alcohol and nice things' are all good - to a certain degree. But my point is that there is NO BALANCE!

Why doesn't MTV and BET and Mainstream Radio Stations play this - Jean Grae, a real female MC?

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj - but how many of you know Jean Grae?

Not many. She is very well respected in the Hip Hop community as a talented MC and moreso just a cool female that most guys could chill with because she's mad interesting.

She is not promoted by the establishment because she does not "fit the job description" described above. Her music has substance, forces you to think and questions the nature of reality.

It is not just "sit and stare" music i.e. Nicki Minaj. But Nicki Minaj is easy to sell and promote and moreover it won't lead to people question anything or even provide nourishment for the soul.


We all remember this infamous scene...

Hence, perceiving women as sexual objects is a part of Hip Hop. But it is not the whole accurate and representative picture of the culture. The mainstream TV and Radio does NOT represent the balance that the Hip Hop community and culture has between the sexual objectification of women and empowering songs by female MCs or by male MCs (dedicated to mothers, wifes, daughters etc.).

You might call it conspiracy theory - but it is probably because you mad ignorant about the true nature of Hip Hop culture and how the system likes you being subdued by nonsense - go watch Jersey Shore. #Deuces


  1. Kreayshawn seems to be another FemC that's getting a lot of hate right now. Very contraversial but a few of her tunes are really catchy.

  2. oh yeah lol..."white girl mob" yeah i know what u mean its catchy...but i think the music lacks substance though